Campaign Champion

14 millions liters of water is wasted every year because we leave behind full glasses of water at restaurants after taking a sip. This will lead to scarcity of water soon in various cities across the country. "Let's see the #GlassHalfFull" is a petition to National Restaurants Authority of India (NRAI). The campaign was started to promote half marked glasses in restaurants because of the scarcity of water in various metropolitan cities in India.

We are looking for Campaign Champions who will help us in the cause and spread awareness about the petition. They will represent a specific region in the country and their duty will be to report to us every week or month about the progress they have made which includes the number of people who signed the petition, the number of people who have taken up the responsibility (under the Campaign Champion) to spread awareness, etc. In return, the Campaign Champions will be the face of the campaign.

A small initiative taken up by YOU today might help us save millions of liters of water in the future. Help our cities from turning dry. Be the change. Be a changemaker. #whywastepaani