What We Do?

We find domains where things are being wasted and try to bring it out to the public.

We run campaigns and give talks to spread awareness about this wastage.

We also work at saving water and recycling organic waste in restaurants and have covered quite a few. Primarily work with restaurants to optimise their water usage systems.

Involve youngsters into the changemaking process.

Change systems at offices, schools and NGO - bringing in water usage optimisation.

What all we have done till now!

Over restaurants across 4 states in India and the UK and US.

Involved over 50+ volunteers.

Saved over 8,00,000 litres of water.

Allied with people like bluebooks and Zomato to start a new rating for restaurants based on how eco-friendly they are.

Come up with the idea of Half mark Glasses to reduce the usage of water in restaurants by 90%, which is also currently being funded for!

Spoken at over 20 NGOs, Government schools, offices and other organisations about the importance of saving water (natural resources more specifically).

Our Story

  • Beginning

    Started out in July 2015 - randomly visited restaurants to explain them our concern
    Failed miserably - no restaurant wanted to even try to implement our methods
    Revamped ourselves - discovers what was wrong in our approach.

  • Hard

    Came up with the most optimum possible solution and feasible from our side.
    Visited more place - this time had some people really listen to us. Saw small success.
    Gathered about 20+ volunteers from school and got them to visit restaurants.

  • Present

    Finally after a lot of learning through our journeys, came up with the best solution.
    Today we know exactly how to convince restaurants and implement work. Our modules train managers and also help increase awareness on the issue

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Co-Founder – Ecotonix

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Richa Kumar

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